Trusts and Estates

Family Office

At Kurzman Eisenberg Corbin & Lever, LLP we recognize that both individuals and families of significant wealth have exceptional needs. Our Family Office practice, working together with our trusts and estates department, provides a sophisticated and objective approach to helping families preserve, manage and integrate their wealth and family life. In addition to the traditional services provided by a mature, full-service law firm with a commercial, business, and trusts and estates practice, our Family Office practice relieves family members, to the extent desired, from the distracting, time-consuming, and often tedious day-to-day tasks of managing and preserving family assets.

Our Family Office services range from tax planning and investment issues to corporate law, business counseling and family strategies - all in the context of a traditional legal environment. Our Family Office practice includes the following:

  • A thorough estate plan and wealth transfer analysis for a client's entire family. The review covers both basic and sophisticated techniques consistent with the family's objectives. Examples of recommended techniques include, but are not limited to, dynasty trusts, private foundations, charitable trusts, family limited partnerships and other valuation discount techniques.
  • Income tax returns for family members and for related entities such as trusts, private foundations, family partnerships and corporations. We project our client's tax liabilities throughout the year and recommend income tax reduction strategies consistent with a client's tax structure and objectives. We also handle all communications with taxing authorities.
  • Personal budgets and long-term cash flow projections; we provide check writing and bill paying services, which can include assistance with property management, payment of household employees, and assistance with health insurance and medical claims; we review insurance policies, evaluating both risk exposure and value, and act as a liaison with insurance agents, brokers, and claims representatives; and we negotiate and arrange financing for business ventures and investments.
  • We also offer the high level of other legal services that individuals and families of wealth desire, but often have trouble finding. They include the following:
  • Business formation, acquisition, and disposition
  • Private Placements of capital
  • Structuring key employee contracts
  • Stock option plans
  • Complex litigation
  • Commercial and residential real estate
  • Secured financing and capital
  • Securities and business compliance
  • We assist families in developing succession plans for family businesses, and assist the shareholders and the board of directors in carrying out those plans in a tax efficient manner. We are also experienced in handling, and counseling clients in, other family issues with financial implications, such as divorce, re-marriage, pre-nuptial agreements and adoptions - or any other sensitive family problems that may arise.
  • We review all asset holdings, which may include real estate, personal investments, retirement accounts, and business interests, and we help to evaluate both the appropriateness and efficiency of the investment. We review the overall allocation of invested funds, and assist in determining an appropriate allocation among investment styles, given our client's investment goals. We interview existing money managers, monitor their performance and, if needed, identify appropriate alternatives or additional managers. We also coordinate financial reporting to our clients showing investment performance, cash flow, and the related income tax consequences of each asset, and meet quarterly with the client to review these matters. We track the cost basis for all capital assets, and net worth statements are provided to, and reviewed with, our clients annually.

Most important, we are experienced lawyers. This advantage allows us to counsel our clients with complete confidentiality, and also to prepare and coordinate the documents necessary to execute the plans and strategies recommended to, and approved by, our clients. We provide representation in complicated transactions, as well as in the simple matters that families of wealth encounter on a regular basis.